Previous seasonal specials. Available to order upon request (12+ cakes or large cakes)


Lemon & rosemary polenta and almond sponge with rosemary syrup, lemon and fresh rosemary
Rhubarb & pistachio vanilla sponge with pistachios, topped with roasted rhubarb
Persian Love Cake rose & pistachio with fresh pomegranate & nibbed pistachios


Mango & raspberry soft sponge with fresh raspberries, topped with alphonso mango


White chocolate, raspberry & pistachio pistachio sponge layered with raspberry conserve and white chocolate buttercream
Tropical coconut & lime sponge with coconut icing, fresh physalis and toasted coconut (V available)
Raspberry classic financier topped with fresh raspberries and creme fraiche
Apricot semolina, polenta & almond sponge topped with roasted apricot, frangipane and flaked almonds
Cherry buckwheat sponge with roasted cherries, topped with cherry glaze, and a buckwheat & hazelnut sour cherry granola


Pumpkin spice spiced sponge with cream cheese icing and a dusting of cinnamon
Chai Masala spiced sponge with chai masala buttercream


Grapefruit & thyme spelt and almond cake with thyme syrup, citrus icing, grapefruit and fresh thyme
Marmalade brown sugar and whole wheat sponge with marmalade, coconut cream and orange (V available)
Hazelnut dacquoise hazelnut sponge with coffee custard, hazelnut meringue and dark chocolate ganache
Fruit Cake fruit & nut cake with glazed fruit topping
Tiramisu madeira sponge with coffee & amaretto syrup, topped with mascarpone and a dusting of cocoa