600 Cookies for National Cookie Day

There seems to be a day for everything but we'll gladly take any excuse to bake (& eat) cookies ūüć™

This was an order for the team at Expedia Group

Flavours :
Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt
Raspberry & White Chocolate
Double Chocolate
Oat & Raisin
Milk Chocolate
plus vegan and gluten-free options.

Feedback on the event :
"I have just given Expedia a quick call to get an update on how yesterday's delivery went.

They wanted me to pass on their thank you and that they have received a lot of positive feedback. The host said the cookies tasted like heaven! 

I really appreciate all your help with this order and hope we work together again soon!"


To work with us on your upcoming event or celebration, send us an email at orders@ekbakery.co.uk