Cake Portfolio - Gallery of Recent Bakes

Apr 16, 2022

Our cakes are decorated with fruits, herbs and edible flowers. Every bake is uniquely decorated depending on what's in season and available at that time. We've curated a gallery of recent bakes to give you some inspiration and an idea of our signature style

Chocolate sesame cake with purple flowers
Wedding Cake - Carrot & Pistachio and Strawberries & Cream
Rhubarb and pistachio cake with rose petalsGooseberry and Elderflower Cake with RoseRhubarb and pistachiovanilla cake decorated with figs and edible flowersGooseberry and Elderflower Cake with strawberries, whitecurrants and cornflowerStrawberries and cream cake Victoria sponge with raspberry jam and white chocolate meringue buttercream
Vanilla cake with mascarpone and lemon curd. Decorated with redcurrants and strawberriesSunshine cake with strawberries, elderflower

chocolate sesame cake with redcurrants and sesame brittleMini Blood Orange & Mascarpone Cake
Mini Earl Grey CakeChocolate cake with coconut meringue buttercream

Sunshine cake with pineapple flowers and cape gooseberriesLittle Sunshine Cupcakes with pineapple flowers, cape gooseberries and dried orange
Medium Sunshine CakeMini Sunshine Cake
Double Chocolate Cake with pressed flowers
Small Mango & Coconut Cake
Mini Mango & Coconut Cake
Mango and coconut cakeMango and coconut cakeMini Chocolate Biscoff Cake
Double Chocolate cake with fresh cherries, redcurrants, strawberries and edible flowersDouble Chocolate Mini Cake CherryMini Double Chocolate CakeChocolate cake with rainbow decorationMini Double Chocolate Cake
malted chocolate cakeMini Malted Chocolate, Peanut & Caramel CakeMini Double Chocolate Cake