Whether or not you choose to take part in Halloween festivities, there’s no denying the delicious treats that come about this time of year. To highlight the seasonal fare (and the fun that comes from eating them), we created two offerings to embrace this spooky month.  

First, our classic, fudgy chocolate brownies, with a Halloween twist: Trick or Treat Brownies. This is an all-in, no holds barred special that incorporates the flavours, textures, and colours of Halloween. We were inspired by the variety of sweets retrieved post-trick or treating - chocolate-y, nutty, crunchy, salty, smooth…  - and we sought the joy from a mouthful of mixed candies in brownie form. 

 Letterbox Halloween Trick or Treat BrowniePumpkin Spice CakeTrick or Treat Halloween Brownie
 Letterbox Brownie ; Pumpkin Spice ; Trick or Treat Boxes of 4 & 8 Brownies

With an American on the EKB team, we first looked to Monster Cookies: chocolate chip cookies with M&Ms, often including oats, peanut butter, and crunchy additions like cereal and pretzels. Through several testing attempts with these add-ins, we found some of the textures to be lost in the brownie as they baked, and softened over time. To preserve the crisp nature of the cereal and pretzels, we were inspired by Fattie’s Bakery and their delectable bocaditos - caramelised cornflake bites. With our own spin on the bocaditos, our perfect Halloween brownie was realised: chocolate brownie, cookie dough bites, peanut M&Ms, and caramelised cornflakes & pretzels. A winning combination of sweets, available in Letterbox size and Boxes of 4 or 8.

Second, the return of the beloved Autumn celebration cake: Pumpkin Spice. A popular choice from our Autumn menu last year, this cake features spiced pumpkin sponges layered with cream cheese icing. The moist sponges, warm spices, and slightly tangy icing provide a very pleasant bite - ideal with a cup of tea, especially as the cooler temperatures approach. Each cake is uniquely decorated with seasonal fruits and edible flowers, and is a lovely addition to Autumn birthdays and celebrations. These cakes are suitable for pick up from our kitchen in Clerkenwell / Islington or for hand delivery across London. 

We also offer smaller, individual portions of both Halloween specials in order to accommodate large or corporate gatherings. Our Trick or Treat brownies are available as 25 portions with the option of individual wrapping. The Pumpkin Spice cakes are available as Little Cakes - 12 small cakes with the same icing and decoration as their larger celebration cake size. Order these to your office to make work breaks all the more fun. For more information on corporate ordering, follow the link here. 

These are only available for a very limited time, between 25th and 31st October. Order in advance using our date selector at checkout