Mother's Day 2022

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and the early signs of Spring are giving us all the feels! 

What better way to celebrate your mum - or any special woman in your life - than with a box of sweets? If she’s new to the role, a beloved grandmother, or a gal who must have a biscuit alongside her tea (hi, that’s us!) - we’ve got you covered. 

This year, we are focusing on postal cakes. They are lovely, enjoyed any time of day with your beverage of choice, and remain delectable for many days after delivery. There are bright citrus and nutty flavours in our Lemon Drizzle cake and our Blood Orange cake, and warm, rich spices in our Simnel Cake. All cakes are sent whole, unless you’d prefer a small slice of the Simnel Cake to fit through their letterbox. See below for further information on each.

For biscuit lovers, we’re bringing back our Chocolate Heart Sable biscuits after such a rave response during Valentine’s Day. They are chocolate-y to the max, although delicate in texture, and the chocolate-dipped corners add an extra richness to each bite. These are the ultimate ‘you deserve this’ treat. Available in a box of 12.

- Chocolate Heart Dipped Sable Biscuits

Lastly, we will continue our March blondie special through the end of the month, including Mother’s Day. Our Vietnamese Coffee Blondies are a team favourite! We created a sweetened condensed milk caramel spiked with espresso to drizzle through our blondie batter. With a topping of espresso beans for extra crunch, these are a total hit. Available in letterbox size, boxes of 4 and boxes of 8.

We will always handwrite your personalised notes with each order, but to ensure your delivery is even more special, consider including one of our Mother’s Day cards from Lucky Ink.