Give Thanks This Thanksgiving

As the upcoming holiday season nears, our sights are first set on Thanksgiving, a time which often comes with reflection and gratitude. This year - and every year - we are grateful for our lovely customers and followers, and find so much joy in creating new treats to make your days more special. For those gathering in person - or virtually - we have some delicious offerings to elevate your meal to the next level.

For our brownie lovers, in true EK form:

Our monthly special for November:

S’mores Brownies. To remind you of campfires and cool nights, our fudgy brownie with chunks of Pump Street dark milk chocolate, American graham cracker shards, and house-made marshmallow. Crunchy, toasty, and oh-so-yummy, these are a hit with kids of all ages. Available in letterbox size, boxes of 4 & 8 and party sized boxes of 25.

Our Thanksgiving week special: Maple Pecan Pie Brownies. We created a caramelised maple pecan confection to top our fudgy chocolate brownies. Like the pie, but with a decadent chocolate base, making Thanksgiving dessert a little more rich (especially for vegans!). Available in letterbox size, boxes of 4 & 8 plus a no-gluten option.



If you crave the pumpkin flavour this time of year, but aren’t a fan of the traditional pie, consider our Pumpkin Spice cake. Spiced pumpkin sponges layered with a cream cheese icing and decorated in our signature EK style with seasonal fruits and flowers. This year we are offering a vegan pumpkin spice cake, too. This is simplicity at it’s best, and a show-stopper for your tablescape.

To see our other seasonal cakes, please visit here

For end-of-dinner sweets or gifts to share:

If you find yourself “too full,” but with just enough room left for something sweet, consider our new biscuits, biscotti, and caramelised pecans.

The Fig, Hazelnut & Pistachio Biscotti offers a less sweet option, still with a delectable flavour and nutty texture. For the dunkers and non-dunkers alike, these can be enjoyed at all hours next to your cup of tea or coffee. They have quickly become a staff favourite. Available in letterbox size of 6, or a box of 12 with a gift wrapping option

The Caramelised Pecans - as seen on top of our Maple Pecan Pie brownies - in whole form, perfect for snacking, savouring, or sharing around the table. A salty/sweet delight, available in a hand wrapped gift bag.

The Snowflake Gingerbread Biscuits are crisp, delicate, and a warmly spiced biscuit, keeping your meal festive. With hints of treacle and dusted in sugar, we - and our customers - have found it hard to just eat 1! A beautiful gift, available in boxes of 6 or 12.